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The Community College Math Ship
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meeting Sept. 25

Meeting Sept. 25th

So we all met in Bldg 3 Room 148 for Professor Lapuz's lecture/seminar on math philosophy.  I have to say...I was dubious on the actual content of the lecture.  I mean, if you walked down the street and asked someone, "what is math philosophy?" 1. they will either ignore you because you sound crazy, 2. They will give you a seemingly B.S. answer, or 3. they will say, "I did not know such a thing exists."

At this point while reading this, I would ask myself, "what the heck is math philosophy?"  Well, you know what??  You should have actually attended.  This is me guilt tripping all people in the club who didn't go to the lecture.  It was engaging, funny, but most of all, it had Lapuz's awkward yet endearing demeanor.  It's actually what took the talk to the next level.  The subject matter itself perhaps could have been dull, but Lapuz really made it accessible.

There are also a couple of "mathy" type ideas that I took away from the lecture.  There were many aspects that I did not know about because it is not taught in the conventional classes.  There aren't many times where my mind gets blown...well, maybe there are...but nonetheless, I learned some new junk about the world.  Hats off to you Lapuz.

Oh yeah...they had free coffee, too.

Aj OUT!!!