The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sept 4, 2014 Meeting

We had a fantastic meeting.  We did some stuff and even talked about some junk, too.

The first 10 minutes were spent breaking ice.  For those people who have an image of an snow cone machine in their head, you're wrong because we don't have one.  Instead, we broke social ice by introducing ourselves.  I know it's not as cool as an ice machine.  Don't hate; we're too broke to buy one.

Prof. Hoffman (aka The Amazing Mike) introduced a game called number talk.  Number talk consists of mentally solving arithmetic problems and discussing with the group how you arrived at the answer.  I know, I may sound weird...well, don't knock it until you try it.  I realized that people's brains work completely differently than mine.  We only gave The Amazing Mike 10 minutes for the exercise.  I have to say, I enjoyed cutting him off.

Next 10 minutes were all about club business.  We gave away the jar of candy to some random dude who guessed the closest amount for the guesstamation.  Awesome job, random dude!!  When we asked him how he came up with a guess, he responded with, "Yeah, so...I just averaged other people's numbers."  Honestly, that is the best strategy I have heard for anything of all time, ever.  I think random dude's name is Daniel Jimenez.  Well played, Daniel.

For the last 25 minutes, we discussed club activities, movies for movies night, and the club rush.  Next week's meeting will consist of a group problem, a math-like video, and some other junk.  After the meeting, we will be watching a math movie for the MATH MOVIE NIGHT!!!  (Imagine the capped words being said in an epic, dramatic voice)  Some ideas for the movie were:

Goodwill Hunting
Stand and Deliver
Story of 1

There also will be a group problem posted before next week's meeting on this very blog.  You can check it out...or not...I won't lose sleep over it.  You just won't be saving the world this week. (If that last statement was confusing, check out the club motto at the top of the blog.)

BRING PACKAGED FOODS TO CLUB RUSH!!!  Also tell Becca what you are bringing, so we can put the items on some boring paperwork.  Remember the time you signed up for...or WE WILL FIND YOU!

I am going to end this blog, not with threats (only this time), but with an awesome picture of us looking (relatively) happy.