The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
U.S.S. Math Club

Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/2 Casino Night Agenda

10/2/14 Math Club Meeting Agenda
Casino Night: Hands-On Pro

Attending Officers: Secretary Aj, Prez. Bex-Sizzle, Treasurer Jesus, ICC Liaison Antonia, Propagandist Lee
Attending Advisors: Profs. Tong and Hoffman
Planned Absences: Commissioner of Publicity Ryan, VP Try

4:00 Eat dinner, problem of the week from 2 weeks ago (see problem of the week below)
4:10 Intro to Roulette with Prezident Bex Sauce
4:20 Play Roulette
         Finish the Odds/Probability Chart, Create a Graph
4:30 Intro to Blackjack with Treasurer Jesus Lopez
4:40 Play blackjack
4:50 Best Math Club T-Shit Ever Contest
         Demo: Iron Chris’s idea for the First Best Math Club Shirt Ever