The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept. 11 Meeting

Sept. 11 2014

We took a few minutes to solve the problem.  One of our members solved the problem algebraically and I realized VERY quickly…that I apparently cannot multiply 60 by 3.  Word problems…are tough.  I thought it was interesting that I chose the problem because I thought there would be multiple ways to solve it.  What a misconception.

We are breaking some more ice.  If we continue to do this every week, then I am going to be forced to play “ICE, ICE, BABY.”  We had some new members attending this week.  WELCOME!!!!!!!  We always can use more members.  Did you know…one of our new member’s legal name is “The Real Captain America.”  Welcome, masked Steve Rogers.

Club Rush:  Dude…we had food.  We had charisma.  We pretty much had the campus at our fingertips.  I’m giving a huge thanks to the string of attractive men at our table.  You made some excellent choices with choosing the members that manned the table, Becca.  Also, the general male population really wanted the root beer that we were selling to be actual alcoholic beer.  Sorry, guys…unfortunately, drunkenness needs to happen off campus.

Apparently, we can now do scholarships.  The Amazing Mike has been just a wealth of information concerning this area.

Meeting on FRI??  This meeting will be about future local events.  You know…like seeing a seminar at the amazing university that is right next door to us.  I think the name is Stanford…or something.

Movie night was fun.  "The Story of One" was way funnier than I remember it.  It is campy in a Bill Nye sort of way, and not to the Dr. Who campy extreme.  It was just the right amount of silliness.  If you missed the movie...well, I am disappointed in you.  Imagine me shaking my head and "tsking" you while you read this.  Next week, we will be showing math-like clips during the meeting.  Messege to all the absentees: be there or be a geometric figure with 4 equal angles and sides.

Problem of the Week should be posted soon.  I know everyone is just inching for a new problem.  Calm down.  I will feed the addiction soon.

Aj Out!!