The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
U.S.S. Math Club

Thursday, September 18, 2014

UPDATED Agenda for Meeting #4 (9/18)

Official Math Club Meeting #4 Agenda
Math Club
4:00PM-5:00PM Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Antonia- ICC Liaison
AJ- Secretary
Try- Vice President/Co-treasurer
Rebecca- President
Jesus, Alexis, and the others- Co-Treasurers
Ryan- Commissioner of Publicity
Lee- Propagandist
You- mere minion / worker bee / mathlete drone

Profs. Hoffman and Tong

Upcoming events:
1.       Next Meeting (#5): Thursday 9/25 4-5pm → Guest Lecture: Ray Lapuz, Professor of Mathematics
Ø  Location: Building 3 (Room TBA)
Ø  Topic: Mathematics in Philosophy
2.       Wednesday 10/1 4:30pm-6pm → Guest Lecture: Math Club Introduces Patricia Millán, Statistician
Ø  Location: STEM Speaker Series, Building 6-102
Ø  Topic: Careers in Math
3.       (Meeting #6) Thursday 10/2 4-5pm → Math Club Casino Kick-Back
Ø  Location: Building 9-257A
Ø  Topic: Hands-On Probability and Logic
4.       (Meeting #7) Thursday 10/9 4-5pm → Workshop: MATLAB for Math Homework
Ø  Location: Building 16-106
Ø  Topic: Math, Computer Science, and Engineering
5.       Saturday 1/10- Tuesday 1/13JMM (Joint Mathematics Meetings) Conference
Ø  Location: San Antonio, Texas (details TBA)

Ongoing events:
6.       Best Math Shirt Ever Contest → Winner gets an undisclosed prize...

Problem of the week:


What are some other ways to solve this?


AJ – Math Club Minutes

Antonia – ASCC/ICC Update (Thank you for Friday’s back-up meeting!)

Becca – T-Shirt Update: Best Math Shirt Ever Contest Is On-Going
JMM Update: ASCC Funding Request Submitted
Club Status Update: Club Application/Training Complete!

Ryan and Lee—Commissioner of Publicity and Propagandist Update: What have you guys been up to? Come up with any more publicity/propaganda ideas?

Jesus, Try, and Alexis—Update from the Treasury: Where we at with money?

Everyone—What have you done with math since last week?

Mini Math Movie Night: Don’t Disturb My Circles