The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
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Inequality in Math Education

Math Club is interested in researching the concept of why some groups of students don't do as well as others in math, especially at the lower levels like Math 811 (Prealgebra) here at Canada College. See data from the Student Equity Plan. We are particularly interested in the low retention rates for math classes. To address this issue that affects our campus, we want to design a survey and collect data about why these students have dropped their math courses this semester- and perhaps help our professors learn how to better help them stay in school.

Student poster sessions:

We may have the opportunity to present research on Inequality in Math education at conferences this year, such as CMC^3 Fall 2014 and JMM 2015. See Math Club's calendar and upcoming events on the home page.


Here is a link to an online MOOC that prepares students in R for modelling data with statistics:
Foundations of Data Analysis


Check out this resource for learning R, which I'm working on right now to get started on the analysis for Math Club's research, which starts this week (our survey has been deployed! The time for collecting data is nigh). Anyways- we may not get a poster session done in time for CMC^3, which is Friday, but regardless, we will have a good start that will lead us into research for next semester.

Blah. Thanks for reading! (Becca 12/1).

Learn R here:

Oh! And here is the link to the research survey- just in case I misplace it sometime in the future:

Update: (12.8)

Hey all. Here's the product of our preliminary research, which we presented at CMC^3. We may continue this research into the coming semester.