The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
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Mini Math Competition (11/20)

Event Description:

During our weekly meeting on Thursday, 11/20 (which, as usual, is 4-5pm in room 9-257A at Cañada College in Redwood City, CA), we will be replacing our Problem of the Week (or PoW, as we've liked to shorten them) in order to host a little Mini Math Comptetition! The competition will be based on problems from the MAA's AMC problems. This is also practice for officers to learn more about how an official AMC competition is run and administrated! You can find some practice problems by clicking on the following link:

Event Results:

Check out these photos Secretary AJ took of our Mini Math Competition in action. Results (contest winners and runners-up) to be posted here soon. Keep checking back.

Winner Announcement

Winners were announced 12/4. Click here for the announcement post.

1st Place - Diedrik Edholm (Calc I)
Score: 15

2nd Place - JR Jen (Leonard) (Calc III)
Score: 6

3rd Place - Michael Hoffman (actual professor).
Score: 3