The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
U.S.S. Math Club

Best Math T-Shirt Ever Contest (Edit: Diego Ramirez won)

Get ready to show off your artistic and/or math skills by dazzling us with your own version of the Best Math T-Shirt Ever Contest.

-Everyone makes there own shirt idea
-Everyone irons it on to a plain shirt
-The words Math Club must be present somewhere on your T-shirt
-If you are an officer, your position must be present somewhere on the T-shirt

Edit: We've got a winner.

Diego Wins! Unfortunately, we can't print the shirt due to copyright laws, but the team we paid at CustomInk has offered to design us a shirt based on Diego's copyright-infriging design! Excellent! Check out Diego's original design below:

Credit for basically everything but the words and the face of the soldier go to the original artist on Deviantart.

Credit for the hidden Shrek, Mickey Mouse, and random anime stuff goes to... Disney? Pixar? Etc.

*I do not own this artwork at all, and I am not distributing it, and I am not making money off it.