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The Community College Math Ship
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct. 23 2014 Minutes

Hello ALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

We had a guest speaker come in, Rachel Rankin.  She is a lovely, Canada alumni who went on to UCLA for her undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and UCSC for a master's degree in Economics.  Now, she is working at facebook.  Yes, it is the same facebook that most of us use daily.  Good for her.

For the first ten minutes, she talked about her general path.  She was interested in a bunch of different majors here in Canada, but eventually landed on mathematics.  She spoke of why she ended up going to UCSC and why she dropped out of her Phd program.  Lastly, she talked about the difficulties in finding work in this area.  Apparently, it is all about who you know.  Shocker there.

The next 50 minutes were spent as an open question forum.  People asked excellent questions about the types of classes she was taking to what kinds of universities she would go to.  There was a huge reign of questions.  Most were asked by Prezident Becca Sizzle; way to monopolize Rachel the entire time.

I personally think that I asked the most meaningful of all the questions, "Many of us feel like there are classes that make you feel terrible and thinking that you are never going to get through it.  Has this ever happened to you and how did you deal with it?"  Best question of the night; I am giving myself a gold star.  She gave me a really thoughtful answer.  She said that a lot of what we are thinking is an internalized criticism and that it is important to know yourself, know how you think in order to push past those fears.

All in all, we had a pretty good time with Rachel.  I hope she comes back next year and does this again.

P.S. Sorry Becca for not taking attendance.  I will get on that junk next time.