The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct. 9 Minutes Read Me!!!

Oct 9, 2014 Meeting

Oh hey guys!  We are back with normal meetings.  Yes, that does mean all of us sitting around a round table like King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, except without the soap opera drama surrounding fair Guinevere. 

Most of the meeting was dedicated to discussing Joint Mathematics Meeting.  Signups for JMM travel scholarship is finished tomorrow, so get there.  As Arnold would say, “Get to Da signups!”    We need a budget to be discussed for each person, so we know the breakdown of costs to be presented to the ICC meeting.  Jesus will be taking care of that.  Apparently, he is taking care of all the financial stuff.  The treasurer is actually doing things….crazy.

Hallows Eve is vastly approaching and we have to do some junk for the ASCC’s Halloween Bash on the 30th.  Why is it on the 30th and not the 31st?  The world may never know.  Well, I mean I don’t know, therefore, the world doesn’t know.  I was voluntold to make a poster for Math Club.  I think it has to be all Halloweeny or something.  I think I am just going to put fake cobwebs on it and call it a day.  That should be a rule of thumb for everything: “When in doubt, put cobwebs on it.”

Can someone get some Pi Pies?  Yeah, we are talking to you.  Spread your wings and ask people about donating pumpkin pies to us.  Imagine Uncle Sam pointing at you in a patriotic and menacing way.  This is your civic duty right here.  We need you guys.

Oh yeah.  We colored some Sierpinski triangles.  (As a side note, Sierpinski is a really difficult name to spell.  What the hell?  Why can’t there be more mathematicians with easily pronounceable names?)  The triangles were fun.  I think we connected them at the end of the meeting to make one super triangle.  With our forces combined, we will make a super triangle!!  “Captain ‘Pinski, he’s our hero!!  Gonna take math illiteracy down to zero.” (Yes, that is a captain planet reference for our older readers.)

Btw, the Amazing Mike was not there.  We missed you, Hoff Man.  Thanks, Lapuz for coming instead.  We appreciate it.

Aj out!!!