The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
U.S.S. Math Club

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 9 Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014
Time: 4-5pm
Location: 9-257A
Officers in Attendance: President Becca, Treasurer Jesus, Secretary AJ, ICC Liaison Antonia
Not sure: Propagandist Lee and Commissioner of Publicity Ryan Carroll
Absent: VP Try duh

4:00-4:05 Overview of agenda
4:05-4:10 Warm-up
4:10-4:20 Joint Mathematics Meetings: Research and Travel Scholarship Opportunities
                 Rebecca's research abstract
4:20-4:25 Halloween Fundraising: Pi Pies
                 Allocation of duties (pies, whipped cream, math problems, signs, cash box)
4:25-4:30 Antonia's Report
                 Inter Club Counsel
                 Associated Students of Canada College
                 Other Clubs
                 Fundraising and requests
4:30-4:35 Community Outreach Opportunities
                 1 hour/week K-12 Tutoring in San Carlos
                 Julia Robinson Math Festival Helpers at Stanford
                 Stanford MOOC: How to Learn Math
4:35-4:40 Math Occupational Outlook
                 Types of occupations
                 Sign-ups: Would you like to present a Math Ideas?
4:40-4:45 Math Internships and Scholarships
4:45-5:00 Upcoming events (see blog calendar)

Important: Please note that today's MATLAB tutorial has been canceled due to urgent matters of Club Business needing to be settled! We'll do MATLAB Next week.

Also note that Friday "optional" meetings/brainstorming sessions have been canceled until further notice due to UC visits and other Friday activities.