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The Community College Math Ship
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reminder: CMC^3 and Mini Math Competition Tomorrow

Hey guys,

I just wanted to check in with you to remind everyone that the registration deadline for CMC^3 Conference is approaching, and we need to work out the details. Please come to the meeting with your registration forms printed out. Our advisor, Professor Hoffman, says that students get in for free, so no need to fill out the $$ part- however, we may still need to tell them we're coming by mailing in our registration. Click here to get the PDF.

More importantly: I need you guys to click here to RSVP, so we know you're coming!!!

In the mean time, I though you guys might want to check out the program agenda for Friday:

Check out the full program agenda from the CMC^3 website.

I am personally super excited about this keynote speaker, Alon Amit, and his lecture on "Randomness in Theory and Practice." NOT as boring as it sounds. It is actually a really interesting topic.

Hope to see you guys tomorrow at the club meeting. Check out these practice problems to prepare for the Mini Math Competition, which will begin 5 minutes or so into the meeting and last a little longer than we typically spend on the PoW.

Here is the agenda, which I posted earlier in the week:

Agenda 11.20

Time: 4-5p
Location: 9-257A

4:00 Overview
4:05 Problem of the Week: Mini Math Competition
4:30 Research Project Survey
4:55 Closing Remarks

Thank you,
Becca Reus
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