The Community College Math Ship

The Community College Math Ship
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Monday, December 1, 2014

12.4 Agenda (Last Meeting of the Semester!)

Meeting Agenda

3:30-4:30 is the grand opening of the solar panels, which will power something like 2/3 of our campus (as soon as we can get it to work... technical difficulties were experienced today in the Learning Center due to the switch, haha). Because of this, it is understandable if you are late because you are down the hill, checking out some Solar Panels. We will begin at the normal time anyways.

4:00 Intro & PoW
4:15 Mini Math Competition winners
4:16 Current research projects
4:20 PTK Toy Drive*
4:25 Next semester plans (elect officers, Project of the Semester)
4:50 Review CMC^3 plans (Friday morning- day after this meeting)
5:00 Close


*For those of you that miss the meeting and want to donate toys: please come get a sticker from Becca before you drop them in the containers (located in the learning center and the Grove). That ensures you that you are supporting Math Club's participation in the drive.