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The Community College Math Ship
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Friday, February 6, 2015

2/6 Meeting Minutes

Second meeting in this semester is over and here are meeting "minutes":

"PoW" - Problem of The Week

This time we had to deal with problem called PICK'S FORMULA. At first we tried (successfully) to find formula for the area of a geoboard polygon. Than we tried to prove this formula. For the lack of time we didn't finish this task and we will probably work on this next meeting. 

Proving Pick's Formula

examplePick's formula is a great topic for student exploration, but why does it work?

Henri Picciotto

Solution and background info:
We will call simple polygons (no crossing, no holes) with vertices on lattice points geoboard polygons. Pick's formula for the area of a geoboard polygon is A = I + B/2 – 1, where A = area, I = interior lattice points, and B = boundary lattice points.
For example, in the figure above, the quadrilateral has I = 7; and B = 5, so the area should be 8.5.
You can confirm this is correct by subtracting the area of three right triangles from the area of the enclosing rectangle.
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 Cool version of factoring 

 After "PoW" we moved to factoring. Becca showed cool, for some of us new, factoring method.

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Spring 2015 Activities 

We also discussed upcoming activities such as: Infinite Possibilities Conference (IPC) (March 1 - 3), MAA Meeting at Foothill (February 28), and "Club" Day which is here on campus Thursday, February 12.

The rest of our meeting was dedicated to Club Training and Application Update (Club Information, Club Activity form).


Proposition: Math Club should raise funds for the Math Club scholarship by hosting a Texas Hold 'em tournament party with suggested donations. Greg has agreed to teach members how to play Texas Hold 'em and will be in charge of planning for this event.
Votes: Yes: 4  No: 0

Leadership Roles:
President: Rebecca (4)
Treasurer: Diana (4), Jonathan (1)
Club Secretary: Marie (4)
ICC Liaison: Diana (4)

Attendance: Diana, Diedrik, Diedrik's dad, Marie, Becca, prof. Hoffman, and prof. Tong

Math Club's next meeting is Friday, February 20th, at 11:30-12:30 in room 9-253.

see you, M.